Tim Kane

I asked Mindee to help me edit a non-fiction book after working with her as a colleague. She did a brilliant job. As an editor, she can scale to your needs — from organizational advice to simple grammar, and she is amazingly good at all of it. Super fast work, and extremely responsive. She rates above perfect (11 out of 10)!

Mindee worked on several copyediting projects for my company, including two that required a quick turnaround. She took a thorough and thoughtful approach to editing while still completing the work very efficiently. I could tell that she had taken time to familiarize herself with the rules in our writing style manual. I also appreciated Mindee’s enthusiasm, professionalism, and flexibility. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her for future projects.

Munro Richardson

Mindee is very sharp and multi-talented. Mindee gave me my very first crash course in social media, walking me through the nuances of using Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to establish a presence and build a brand for a product I was launching. She helped me develop a social media playbook that was extremely practical and useful. Mindee’s also a very talented writer and editor. She’s a joy to work with.

Madhavi Gupta

Mindee Forman has been a treasure find for our business, Best Nest Wellness. Besides being a pleasure to work with, she is thorough, on-point, and on time. I first contacted her for editing work that we needed to be done, you know, like “yesterday.” Hiring her pushed us to put out content that was previously sitting and doing nothing for us or our business.

Mindee also set up and handled our Social Media presence – I never had to think about it. She posted great quality content on our channels, and this helped establish our base for growth. Whenever I had a question, she was available to answer them based on her vast experience. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Mindee and I crossed paths several times via the University of Kansas in the past several years. I’ve always been impressed with her personally and professionally. We were graduate students in the Integrated Marketing Communications program a few years ago. She was great to have in class as a peer — collaborative, strategic, and well-rounded in her background.

A few years later, I contracted Mindee as a freelancer to manage, research and write/edit several KU Edwards Campus projects. One of these included a year-long series of KU-sponsored columns in the Kansas City Business Journal. This involved interacting with faculty and administrators, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed working with Mindee and would comment on her professionalism, attention to detail, and quality of work.

It is key to note that all this work was done via email as Mindee was living outside of the U.S. at the time. One would have never known given her punctuality and responsiveness. I highly recommend Mindee as a lead contributor to any project and personally look forward to working with her again.

Ben Wildavsky

Mindee is a terrific copy editor, researcher, and presentation designer – I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again. As I was preparing to submit my nonfiction book, she thoroughly and efficiently reviewed the manuscript for grammatical errors and typos, quickly dug up stray facts, and cheerfully tended to unglamorous but vital tasks such as ensuring that footnotes were formatted correctly. Later, she prepared high-impact PowerPoint presentations that I used in dozens of presentations around the world. She’s a quick study, turns projects around speedily, is extremely tech-savvy, and is a pleasure to work with.

Thomas E. Bliss

Mindee is the smartest, most wonderful person I have ever had the privilege to work with. I often likened her to “Radar” in M*A*S*H – she could anticipate and forecast a task faster than I could ask for it.

Mindee was patient with me in a very emotional business. Where most would have left me perfectly hoisted on my own petard, Mindee rescued me on countless occasions, and held down the office like it was her own during my extended travels. I always knew the business was in good and capable hands when I was away.

Christine DeLeon

Mindee does an incredible job with website design; she was able to get a sense of the look and feel I wanted, I gave her a little bit of context and vision, and then she ran with it.

She was a huge help, given the startup phase I was in, and am so pleased with the outcome. Highly recommend folks who need a bit of support getting their website up and running to work with Mindee!

Candy Brush

I recently co-directed the Diana International Research Conference in Kansas City, an event sponsored and hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. For the past year, I worked closely with Mindee who managed the process of abstract and paper submission (93 papers), reviewing (more than 50 reviewers), acceptance of papers, scheduling of papers and program development. I have never worked with anyone so responsive, detailed oriented and meticulous at overseeing details of an ever-changing event. Not only does she have a conceptual view of how the submission platform worked, but also a tactical understanding of the nuances of the software and system applications.

Besides the paper submission process, she handled all the notifications and communications to the multiple authors (many of whom were from other countries). Her communications were always exceedingly polite. On a personal level, she was wonderful to work with because of her efficiency, sense of humor and exceptional organization skills. I would HIGHLY recommend Mindee!

Mindee is extraordinarily good as a copy editor. From catching details that everyone else missed to a knowledge of content, factual analysis, and finding ways to enhance the topic, Mindee is top notch. I can’t recommend her enough.

Veronica Valli

Mindee is a consummate professional. She is very, very detail orientated, laser focused and easy to work with. She was invaluable in helping develop my brand and website. Tasks that would have taken me hours to have completed were completed by Mindee every quickly. She also explains processes very easily so I could maintain them myself in the future. Highly recommend.

Kate Maxwell

I worked with Mindee at the Kauffman Foundation and she has helped me to edit and work on several pieces of writing. She is attentive to detail, conscientious, and very competent. She was able to turn around quite a bit of work on a short deadline and her edits and remarks greatly improved the papers.

Steve Lewis

Mindee is a very creative and highly proficient communications professional. She is also very detail oriented and very well organized. Her command of communications in the digital world is complemented by her ability to grasp readily overall strategy as well as produce and publish media to improve communications outcomes. I have been a repeat client of Mindee’s for multiple projects and look forward to continued business with her.

Steven E. Lewis
Carlos Acevedo

I worked with Mindee Forman in the creation of my first eBook. Not only did Mindee edit my drafts thoroughly, she also went the extra mile by helping me with some of the more technical issues of formatting an eBook (HTML). With Mindee’s help, I was able to focus more on the content of my work without being distracted by the time consuming aspects of publishing. Mindee’s final edit came to me with instructions that I used to upload my book to Kindle Direct Publishing and I was able to do so the same day. I highly recommend Mindee for all editing needs. Her eye lends objective quality to any project. I know she did for mine.

Elizabeth Martin

I have had the pleasure of working with Mindee for several years as a consultant with Jefferson County. During this time, she has provided hundreds of hours of training on dozens of topics and created documentation to support her teachings. She is efficient and effective at completing her deliverables and is a natural problem-solver.

Mindee is not afraid to try something new and she needs very little supervision. She has excelled at course design, training development, and delivery tasks. In addition, she has explored adult learning theories to maximize her classroom presence to ensure a successful and interactive training experience for her students.

Mindee has very strong organizational and time management abilities, two desirable traits for any employee. She has a positive personality and can-do attitude that makes her a joy to work with. At the same time, she displays an innovative mindset. It is my pleasure to be able to work and collaborate with Mindee.

Guy Dresser

Mindee developed a very professional and well-designed website for our nonprofit organization at psalawrence.com. She was easy to work with, responsive, and highly capable. I would recommend Mindee for web development services without reservation. We thank her for the work she did and look forward to our ongoing relationship with her in maintaining the website.

Jennifer Perez

Mindee is a gem! She is extremely responsive, creative, and professional. I just had someone who lives over 2,000 miles from our brewery call to order a gift card for her son, who is moving to Denver, based on her impression of our place of business after perusing our website, which Mindee created.

Mindee also compiles and publishes our monthly newsletter, and our readership has quickly grown. Having a consultant like Mindee is invaluable to any business, big or small, new or established. I highly recommend her services and would hire her again in a heartbeat!